in Wharfedale


It is only a short bit of road but there is a lot to see. Many of the experiences of the Yorkshire Dales are famous places like Malham Cove, Ingleborough or Conistone Dib. The smaller, local places can be lost if we don't slow down and walk.

Even then we miss things. Walking tends to become a reverie, where the eyes guide us along the path but the mind floats away.

Landscape photography can be a struggle. Some vistas have been photographed so often it is hard to justify photographing them again.

When I started to walk along this bit of road it was to grab half an hour of fresh air and quietness from a busy day. I took the camera, as I do even when going to the shops, but then I noticed the view between the trees at the far end of this road looking across the valley towards Kilnsey Crag.

This bit of road is 3/4s of a mile long. It compares with a photographic blog of Route 66 in the USA, which runs from Chicago to  Santa Monica in California, 2448 miles. In the UK there is an exhibition of life along the ‘A1: Britain on the Verge’ by Peter Dench. The A1 is  410 miles long.

I use a Nikon D5300. I  only have one lens, a Nikkor 35mm f1.8. Although this is not ideal, it has a positive consequence - it avoids the distraction of too much kit.

The idea that developed from walking along this bit of road was to take the same pictures in the different light, weather and seasons. This meant that, despite being a photographer of sorts, for thirty plus years, I had to learn some new skills. My knowledge of how the camera worked and what it was capable of, was pushed to its limits.

Sometimes beyond, like when I tried to photograph the super moon rising behind the Two Trees with Barn, the results were a mess. It is work in progress but there is nothing wrong with that.